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pictures from 10*28*04 at the troc [x-posted to inourbloomers]

these are posted with permission from sugarntheraw who took most of these; I believe I took all of the johnathon ones haha.
I should getting the ones of myself with the ladies & gent later this week so I'll post those when I get them.

johnathon & melora

johnathon play

now you see it
[shirt on...]

now you don't
[shirt off, whoo-whoo!]

melora playing

look at her go!

closer look
[a closer look]

zoe playing

johnathon playing...still

she's still playing

zoe playing some more!
[this one I photoshopped a teensy bit just to make out the details because it was a really dark image before, you can actually make out the fan in her hair]

zoe playing some more!

me and johnathon
[myself and johnathon]

laura & melora
[this is sugarntheraw aka laura, with melora]

laura & zoe
[laura and zoe]

laura & johnathon
[laura & johnathon]

apologies if some of these are huge or anything, I tried to size them
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