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I have to leave around 4 so I can go take my test and my mom's basically scared me off from taking my normal route to the busstop because of stuff going down on that street. I don't know if I should just say "what the hell" and go that way or if I should take another way =/

I also have to call these guys chris & john to find out what's up for this book. I might end up just calling chris becuase I think he's the one whose book it is and john's just all about the financial stuff. I don't know, I really wish THEY would call me because I hate having to call someone up that I don't know and ask about something I don't know. I don't see why robin doesn't just give them my phone number or something.

last night my class read my short story and the reaction was better than I expected. everyone despised the ending though hahah and I've already made changes. I'm just not sure what to do with the ending now but I'll figure something out. a few people actually caught onto my characters and even more surprising is that one girl pinpointed the exact time when I made my story take place, I mean it's one thing to say that it took place in the 90's but a whole other to say "1997" which was close enough.
my teacher said that I wrote the best first-person story that night which also surprised me, he doesn't really compliment people that aren't his obvious favorites but he seemed to be in a pretty good mood last night. guess we caught him on a good night? I'm really not looking forward to this reading we have to do though, on our last night of class we have to stand up at this bookstore and read our poem or story and he told someone at the school about it and now they're going to put it up on the site and try to "promote" it...I'm not sure how many people would come out but I don't know, I get embarrassed having to read stuff like this in front of people, it's like me trying to sing in front of someone, I choke up. I've asked a couple people if they want to go and they never gave me an answer so I guess I won't have to worry about anyone I know showing up to see.

21 days til 21
has a nice ring to it.
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