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*update from earlier*

~my phone line STILL does not work, verizon technical people whoever are fucken LIARRRRS...okay maybe not because it did work in the morning but then I came home and .............. no dial tone once again.
therefore samm is joining the 21st century and getting DSL but I have to wait til tomorrow because my parents fell asleep. damn them. I could have had it tonight. but nooo I'm on the house phone line right now.

goddamn I hate dial up and phone lines and BLaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH I'm so frustrated with so much right now.

~apparently my grandmom isn't like totally on her deathbed as I was led to believe. yes, her kidneys have failed and yes she is incredibly sick and this is it, but apparently she's still able to walk around a bit. though she can't remember who any of us are. she's confusing people for others and told her granddaughter jennifer that she didn't have a granddaughter named jennifer. ouch. still we're going up on saturday and well, can't wait to see who I am.

~this snow sucks ass. it looks fake too, it's all glittery and stuff. pretty but fake looking. and too damn slippery, you know tomorrow the sidewalk is gonna be one huge sheet of ice becuase people in the ghetto don't know how to shovel or salt.

the end.
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