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*update from earlier*

~my phone line STILL does not work, verizon technical people whoever are fucken LIARRRRS...okay maybe not because it did work in the morning but then I came home and .............. no dial tone once again.
therefore samm is joining the 21st century and getting DSL but I have to wait til tomorrow because my parents fell asleep. damn them. I could have had it tonight. but nooo I'm on the house phone line right now.

goddamn I hate dial up and phone lines and BLaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH I'm so frustrated with so much right now.

~apparently my grandmom isn't like totally on her deathbed as I was led to believe. yes, her kidneys have failed and yes she is incredibly sick and this is it, but apparently she's still able to walk around a bit. though she can't remember who any of us are. she's confusing people for others and told her granddaughter jennifer that she didn't have a granddaughter named jennifer. ouch. still we're going up on saturday and well, can't wait to see who I am.

~this snow sucks ass. it looks fake too, it's all glittery and stuff. pretty but fake looking. and too damn slippery, you know tomorrow the sidewalk is gonna be one huge sheet of ice becuase people in the ghetto don't know how to shovel or salt.

the end.
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the sidewalk is gonna be one huge sheet of ice becuase people in the ghetto don't know how to shovel or salt...haha, that is funny!
*throws some rock salt for you**
seriously haha, it turned out to not be as bad though because the snow is like weird and really soft.

rock salt is the devil, it erodes the concrete...my dad gets so pissed off when our neighbor spreads it in front of our house hahaha yesterday he got out of the car cursing and stuff
I still make such awesome icons.

yeah you do, I think I <32 this one the most

*hugs back*
Because it's true it says harlot. ;)
i am really sorry about your grandmother.

it is especially hard when there is some cognative/memory impairment. my dad is from cuba & moved here w/his mom, her twin sister & his sister & his dad. his dad died youg, in his 50's. actually from a blood transfusion (ironically) - he contracted hepatitis from the transfusion and died from the disease. he and my father were the only family members that learned english. i never got the chance to meet my paternal grandfather. and as my grandmother never learned english i wasnt particularly close to her (i dont speak spanish fluently), but my dad was *very* close with her, speaking with her daily & going to her house every weekend.

in her late 70's/early 80's he noticed she had begun to call him 2 times a day - starting the conversation in the same manner, she had begun to forget that she had already talked to her son that day. she had a very steep decline & became demented (dementia) and died with in 6 mo. i have never seen my dad cry before - this was the first time. it can really tear people apart.

I think my gram has sort of been "losing it" for awhile because she started to not take her meds. everyone was like "oh she just doesn't want to live anymore" which I'm sure in a way is true because she's so sick of being sick but I think it's also that she sincerely was forgetting to take it.

my dad's mom *the grams' that I've been talking about isn't MY grandmom, she's my aunt's mother but being that she's been in my life for the past 21 years and when my mom's mom died said that she would "adopt" me, she is my grandmother* came from ukraine, straight off the boat, with my dad's dad and they each had a kid. I was fluent in ukrainian for as far back as I can remember, til I was about 4 because I went to a ukrainian preschool. but once I started normal kindergarten I basically lost it all and can barely make out what my baba says to me.

I don't want to get old.