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"cuz I'm the devil with the black dress on"

in regards to my post from yesterday: tomorrow came a hella lot faster than expected. in fact it came last night so I'm okay now haha. thanks for the comments and stuffs.

I went to school today but I never sat with my teacher because at 4:30 he still wasn't anywhere near me on the list so I left. today I was pretty miserable because my back has been killing me. I need to see the doctor but I'm scared to have it cracked again. it hurt SO bad when he did it, then felt awesome afterwards but it still scares me. and I probably need another shot in my shoulder, I can't deal with getting a bunch of stuff done at once.

anyways, at school I finished all of my bath salts boxes. I just need to print and put them together then photograph them. I'll update statik_art in a second with some stuff. I also finished my living dead doll booklet and got the layout done for my MAC "viva glam" brochure. I just need to print it and make sure stuff is okay with the sizes and the folds. annnd I tried to work on my NIN tour poster but I've got no idea what to do with it, and it's frustrating the hell out of me. I just have to finish this ONE thing and I could have the entire project printed and finished but nooooo. I'm completely stuck and out of ideas.

I'm SO sad right now, I just realized that I lost one of my skull-n-crossbone earrings. I absolutely ADORE these earrings, and I can't get them anymore =( I do have another pair but they're larger, these ones are perfect but now I only have one. oh well. I also got a nice little UNsurprise when I read my bank statement. apparently PNC has some new rule starting in march that you have to have $400 in your account *unless you're under 18* and if you don't, you get a $4 deduction each month you're under. I am totally looking for a new bank, that's ridiculous. I thought it was bad enough having a $100 limit but $400?? I only have around $170 in my account, and I don't have a job so it's not like $300 will magically fall into my account any time soon. fuck PNC. there's a bank here in bridesburg that I'm going to check out and see about transferring my account or something.

tomorrow night my parents are going clubbing.
your eyes did not decieve you, I said fucken clubbing. I'm almost disturbed by this hahaha. they're going to glam and some other place downtown. which is even stranger. I don't think my dad wants to go, so that makes me laugh. I don't know what I'll do with myself tomorrow night, you know, while my parents are out CLUBBING. acckkk.

absolutely nobody is responding to my text messages. I hate you all.
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Hey I respond to all your texts :-P

and your parents are going clubbing? thats just wrong on sooooo many levels lol...
I know I'm sorry, I looooove the jamie

my parents are nuts.
oh this sounds so funny about your parents going clubbing! haha. you should do what i do: hang out and watch dvds at the weekend *is feeling old too lately* ;)

sorry about your earring:( i stopped wearing earrings altogether for like 5 years because i kept losing parts of them. (either front of back part). now i only wear them when i go out *clubbing* ;)
my dad's all "I don't want to go!" hahahaha

I've no clue what I'm going to do, probably stay home and drink that way my mom will be funnier when she comes home all smashed haha

I only really take mine out for x-rays and stuff. it's such a pain in the ass trying to take out and put back in 10 earrings *and I want more haha* so I don't bother but I want to get some new ones. then I go losing my favorites =(
lol your parents are going clubbing? that's weird! haha

awwww that is sad about your earring :( and the stupid bank stuff...
I know! I don't know if like, it's because people from my mom's work are going and she wants to but it's so random. she has a bachelorette party coming up in june for someone she works with and that's disturbing as well. last time she went to one of those like 6 years ago she took a shot from some guy's thong >.<

I KNOW! I have no clue if I lost it at home or outside but either way the odds of finding it aren't great. dammit.
hey lady, i got your moneys today, so it will go out within the next day or twooo!! <333
wow that was hella fast...and hey look public entry slipped by