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I was finally able to give muridae and her husband their presents for the wee one, due to make his appearance anytime now. it was so cute to watch them get all giddy over the little toys and outfits I had bought, and even cuter to watch laurie playing with everything else. I'm in love with their animals, they are SO cute and have such individual personalities =D

speaking of, I've had amethyst sitting on me all night, and elmo is currently in my face all lovey-dovey LOOOOOVE MEEEEE! because she just got off of a five hour heated blanket nap.
which sort of looks like this when she's really into it:

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can you guys PLEASE suggest some over the counter cold meds that do something besides nyquil? while it does help and it gives me the best fucked up dreams I've had in forever, I don't know if it's particulary working for what's wrong with me. and what is wrong with me? I DON'T KNOW! it's just like, my nose that's bugging me, headaches and a general lack of energy. I just don't feel well and I haven't for the last couple of weeks. I still have another month before I'm eligable for target's health insurance and even then what do I do if they deny me as well? so please, suggestions!
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Tylenol liquid cold medicine is awesome. Alka Seltzer liquid cold medicine is pretty good too...tastes pretty awesome...like berries. :D

With my last cold, I took the Alka Seltzer stuff religiously. I was over the worst of it in a few days. *nods*
Try taking airborne. It always helps me!

Hahahaha. Elmo looks relaxed!

As for meds, I am a big fan of Thera Flu. It has a nasty taste, but gets the job done. I hope you feel better soon.
go to the pharmacy and ask. Most of the "good meds" changed their formulas to stay on the shelves, but they can be found behind the counter (no need for a 'script, just an ID)
~New meth prevention laws~

Feel better!
try tylenol night cold/flu medicine, when nyquil stopped working i converted to that and that works and it still gives me fucked up dreams, it's a bottle of blue liquid although i'm sure there's pill forms too
Ooh... kitty has glowy eyes... O_o ~hugs da kitty~

As for meds... have you tried Robitussin?
That is one scary cat. I was directed to your make-up journal by honestgraft (see up there). I was wondering if I could be added. I'd like some advice on make-up and whatnot. Thanks.
surely, I'll add you. my makeup-ey journal is statik_art =)
I just want to be added because anyone who loves both Ghost Hunters and Trent Reznor ( I snuck a peek at your profile) is just fine by me!!!! :)
fine by me, I like new friends =)
hey sam, im from way back, 2001-2002 ish. ruuzekud back then i think and we talked on aim a bit when you got the orthodontist stuff going on back then.

anywhoo. go swimming for several hours. youll probably get a fever if you really go at that water, but that would be a good thing. after it breaks you should feel fine the next day. when you feel the heat rise through the back of your neck into your head the fever is rising, and when you finally snap out of the horrible pain internal heat exhaustion youll feel well again.

friendslist me?

this is angela (from digital requiem when it was still up and running). it's been a long time since we've talked, but i never forgot about you.

this is my new journal. i really want to know how you've been doing!

add me please?
you should add me!