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I feel fucking horrible. last week I had the awful sinus pressure, stuffy/running nose and tons of other sinus-ey-allergy-like symptoms. I rested the entire weekend and felt tons better, except I had a cough and now I'm just miserable. it's a really painful deep cough and I'm completely achey all over my entire body. plus I'm still running a fever.

lame. lame. lame.

that's pretty much all I got, I can't stand being sick like this. tomorrow I need to pick up "101 dalmations" because it came out on dvd and I adore that movie.
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*hugs* Feel better, luv.
youuuuuuuuuuu took me off your friends
I did?
yup. I'm gone :-(
well I added you back as soon as you commented with this but I'm still confused as to how you got kicked off =( I wouldn't do that to you but it explains why you've been so quiet lately haha

Deleted comment

I was wondering where you ran off to! seriously, I was sad to see your name crossed off like that. of course you can add me.

<_< Hope I haven't been forgotten! lol
I didn't know you were back! how have you been? I usually end up taking off people who seem to fall off the planet of LJ. once in a blue moon someone [like yourself] comes back and sends me a comment to let me know they exist =D
I've been better. I'll leave it at that. lol. But yeah, I am back and better than ever! Well... I'm back anyway. ^_^