[HARLOT!quinn] (fallen_fizzgig) wrote,

Update #4-ish

Hi all, it's das_hydra again.

Samm is still internet-less and laptop-less; and things haven't exactly been going in favor of her being able to get either back, so yet again, it's a waiting game. She says work sucks, she misses everyone, she misses the internet (and not being able to see all the pictures of the hot Viking vamp Alexander Skarsgård although she has seen the Coachella pics per "some trashy mag") and catching up on everyones' lives.

She does ask that you all keep her little cousin Joey in your thoughts/prayers because he's currently in hospital with pneumonia. She hasn't gotten an update yet but apparently it is very serious although she thinks he's been stabilized. Poor kiddo. Her dad also hurt his back but he's doing better and is going to attempt to go back to work. And Samm's work hours got cut, down to 3 days this week, 2 days next week, so that's also not helping.

So just all around keep thinking good thoughts for Samm and her family. Or drop her a text message if you can. Thanks!

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